Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So, my mom just called me to ask when I was going to pick up some mail from her house. Apparently, my radiology bill for my HSG went to her house. She asked what the bill was for. We don't have the closest, best relationship, so I really don't like to tell her things if I don't have to. I did mention to her a few months back of our hardships with TTC and that we'd be doing some tests over the next few months. See, the problem with my mom is that she likes to talk about her problems and issues and how her life is so sad. She  NEVER lets you talk, or my mistake, she'll let you talk for a short second and then she will magically switch the conversation back to her issues. Anyway, I am just upset that when she asked what the bill was for and I tried reminding her how I mentioned this a few months ago to her, she had absolutely no memory of this. WTF?! Really?! Then she goes on to say I shouldn't drink anymore. Ummm...excuse me? Since when do I have a drinking problem? Yes, I drink on occasion like the next person, but I'm far from an alcoholic. I'm trying to look at it like she's giving me advice, but that's hard to do when I know how she is.

Anyway, TTC update --- focusing on my health right now. I have high blood pressure. Ugh.

Thanks for reading. ;-/


  1. Aww that's a bummer that your mom isnt more supportive and less "me me me." Hoping this is a good year for you :)

  2. I know people who are like this and it is exhausting. I'm sorry!