Thursday, December 8, 2011

:-/ Appointment Set

So, just set my appointment for a Hysterosalpingogram.  I can't even pronounce it. LOL. I'm scared, nervous, but feeling positive that taking these steps will give me more answers and directions on what to do next. 

Yesterday was a weird day. I don't have the best relationship with my mom. We actually had a small falling out and haven't talked in a while. I called her yesterday because I wanted to see if a package I ordered was delivered to her house (it's better and safer to get things delivered there because she's retired and home and who knows what would happen here at our apartment complex). I also wanted to say thank you for a gift card she gave me for my birthday (actually she gave it to my sister to give me). LOL. Anyway, she was happy to hear from me and was all trying to plan dinner with my hubby because she hasn't seen us in a while. I was a bit surprised. I felt like a little weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Then, I told my sister, Joyce, what happened. She then told me that our other sister, Grace, was saying what was up with our mom because she tried bringing a bunch of things to Grace's house. It was stuff that was Grace's and she also brought belongings of my hubby and I. My mom told Grace that we never come over anyway and tried to leave our stuff there! Grace was like WTH? When Joyce told me, I was so furious. I felt so stressed out AGAIN! I started yelling at my hubby like who does that? I guess I was more stressed out about the fact that my graduate portfolio has been in a box and if she threw it away or something crazy I would be screwed! I am almost done with my Master's and the last thing I need is to lose important documents. I know you're thinking well, why is it in a box at your mom's? Long story, but in the beginning of the year we short sold a condo that we owned with my brother-in-law. We moved back for a few months with my mom, but realized we just didn't have privacy (she babysits my nephews, my sister is there all the time, she has other guests over). So, we decided to get an apartment and she didn't take it too well. So after moving twice in one year, some things stayed in boxes.

Well, point of the story is that I have been trying to ease up on the stress. I know when trying to conceive stress can hinder the situation. When my friend checked my blood pressure a month ago, it was a little high. I need to watch out for my health, but I just hate how if it's not one thing it's the other! Anyhoo, no worries. The hubby and I have decided to get the remainder of our things tomorrow night from my mom's. One day at a day at a time...

Phew! I didn't expect to have that vent session, but it was therapeutic! 

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