Thursday, December 1, 2011

That Common WTF Feeling...


So all over the internet, I'm finding these article headlines about Kourtney Kardashian being pregnant again. I'm sure this is a common thought for women/couples that are infertile/trying to conceive, but "What the F***?" My hubby and I have tried our hardest to do things the "right way"...Finish college, get married, become financially stable...and hopefully, have children. This reality star is in a jacked up relationship to a loser and is rich and famous for reasons I'm not sure of and boom! She's pregnant and didn't even try.

I try to stay sane believing that God has a plan for me and for my husband. I stay hopeful that we are on the brink of greatness in our lives. Becoming parents might be our calling or just having one another might be our destiny. Either way, I need to find peace with that. I'm trying and I'm getting there. I'm trying not to let the fact that others get pregnant at the drop of a dime frustrate me. It's tough though. I don't have much inspiration for you all today. This is just a venting session and Whew! I feel better. =)

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