Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We got back from New York last night. We had the best time ever! It's such a beautiful city. It was a much needed vacay.

I find it interesting that since the hubby and I are childless/not yet pregnant, I often think if I will even be a good parent. Will I have the patience? I get scared and it's easy to get scared of the unknown. When we were at the baggage claim in the airport last night, there was a couple with their young daughter waiting next to us. The little girl was obviously tired and started acting out. She was real fussy and was screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. It made me feel uneasy. What would I do if that were me? How would I handle that?

On the way home, my hubby actually brought up the screaming child. He totally expressed the same questions that were running through my mind. We talked about how we'd handle the situation. We totally had a game plan. Lol. It was pretty cool. It made me think that we can do the parent thing if God allows. I think that maybe this wait is God's way of preparing us. It's His way of making us stronger for the journey. We shall see. We are back to reality, so back to the baby making. Keep posted. :)

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