Friday, December 30, 2011


2011 was a great year. Our Baby Bubba did not come, but that's ok. Maybe he/she will be made in 2012. I sure hope so. I am getting restless with all the trying and waiting. I feel stronger though entering 2012. I have this outlet for my venting and ranting and random thinking. I have found a network of ladies going through the same difficult journey. I actually have not cried in about a month. That may sound funny, but I have been a leaky foucet feeling sad and depressed when I would find out someone got pregnant without "trying" while the hubby and I are struggling. Thank you for all you supporters out there. You have given me the realization that I am not alone in this fight. You have given me strength and hope through your stories. You have given me reason to continue trying to have a child. Hope you all have a wonderful, prosperous 2012!!!

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  1. Having a network helps a lot! It makes a big difference to know you are not alone in this and you definitely are NOT alone! It seems every day I am finding out about someone else who has struggled with IF - it's like an epidemic or something!! Ugh.

    Here's to Baby Bubba in 2012!